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At Singleton Eye Clinic, we’re more than just eye care; we’re about unveiling the true beauty of your skin. With our new range of aesthetic services, spearheaded by the expertise of our licensed aesthetician, Emily, we offer a sanctuary for your skin care needs.

Our Signature Treatments

What we Offer


Classic Hydration ($99)

This facial is great for all skin types to restore your skin’s barrier and integrity!

Antioxidant Infusion ($110)

Exfoliate away environmentally distressed skin and give it the boost of antioxidants it needs to be radiant and healthy!

Banish the Blemish ($115)

Stubborn breakouts and blackheads?! This medicated treatment will clear unwanted bumps and blemishes without destroying your skin’s barrier.

The Glow Getter ($125)

With the help of a light peel exfoliation, antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, this luxurious treatment will leave your skin looking luminous and dewy! Perfect for prepping for a big event!

The MAX Contour ($145)

Visibly sculpt, tighten and improve skin tone with this facial packed with peptides and plant extracts! Lymphatic drainage combined with high performance ingredients will restore facial volume and sculpt the natural contours of your face!


Lightening Lift Forte

A kojic and lactic acid-based treatment that brightens dull skin and helps to minimize the appearance of discoloration.

Indications: Pigmentation, uneven skin-tone, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Wrinkle Lift Forte

A glycolic acid and retinol-based treatment to support skin elasticity and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

Indications: Aging skin, fine lines/wrinkles, lax skin.

Advanced BHA

A salicylic acid treatment for blemish-prone skin that helps to exfoliate dead skin and remove excess oil.

Indications: Oily skin, breakout-prone skin

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Our treatments are grounded in medical expertise and a personal understanding of the skincare journey. Beyond the visible results, we strive to empower you to feel confident in your skin. Each service is designed to address specific skin concerns, utilizing only the highest quality products and techniques.

Our licensed aesthetician

Meet Emily

Emily is a licensed aesthetician and facial specialist, trained in the medical aesthetics field. As someone who has struggled with acne her whole life, she understands what it is like to feel not so confident. Her primary focus is to help others feel proud to show the skin they were given. No matter what your skin goals are, she is here to help you get results!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Know

What aesthetic services do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of facial treatments designed to cater to various skin concerns. Our services include Classic Hydration, Antioxidant Infusion, Banish the Blemish, The Glow Getter, and The MAX Contour facials, each uniquely formulated to deliver targeted benefits and promote radiant, healthy skin.

How do I know which aesthetic treatment is right for me?

Our personalized consultation process involves a detailed skin analysis by our expert aesthetician, Emily. Based on your skin concerns and goals, we’ll recommend a tailored treatment plan to achieve optimal results.

Are there any prerequisites or preparations needed before undergoing an aesthetic treatment?

To ensure the best outcome, we recommend clients come with clean skin and avoid using any harsh skincare products or undergoing other facial treatments for at least a week prior to their appointment.

What can I expect during my first visit for an aesthetic treatment?

We recommend going with the Classic Hydration Facial if it is your first appointment, as it is suitable for all skin types and easily customizable. During this appointment Emily can analyze your skin type and discuss specific skin goals to determine which actions need to be taken to satisfy these goals.

How long does each aesthetic treatment take, and is there any downtime?

Treatments typically range from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the chosen service. Most treatments have minimal to no downtime, allowing you to resume daily activities immediately.

How soon can I expect to see results from my aesthetic treatment?

While results can vary, most clients begin to see improvements immediately after their treatment, with more significant results appearing after a series of sessions.

What measures do you take to ensure the safety and comfort of your clients during treatments?

We adhere to strict safety and hygiene protocols, using only the latest techniques and technology. Our staff is trained to provide a comfortable, safe, and hygienic treatment environment.

Are aesthetic services covered by health insurance?

Typically, aesthetic services are considered elective and are not covered by health insurance. However, we recommend consulting with your insurance provider for specific details.

How can I maintain the results of my aesthetic treatment?

To prolong your treatment results, we suggest following a customized skincare routine, including sun protection and recommended at-home care products. Regular follow-up treatments can also help maintain your skin’s health and radiance.

What skincare products should I use post-treatment?

Post-treatment, it’s essential to use gentle, non-irritating products. We’ll provide you with specific product recommendations and care instructions to ensure your skin remains healthy and beautiful.

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